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Re: django and mysql versions

On Sun, 30 Sep 2012 13:14:08 -0700 (PDT), Elizabeth Rachel Lemon
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> In this case, my reasons for asking about using MySQL 5.5 aren't really
> about wanting any features that are available only in 5.5, but more about a
> situation where the choice of MySQL version isn't entirely up to me. I'm
> hoping to avoid spending time configuring a development environment with
> this version only to find out that this actually doesn't work at all. So
> from your response I get that probably it would work.
And as I mention, UNLESS MySQL DELETED an API -- which is highly
unlikely -- you should not have any problem.

Heck, as an example of the significance of the API... MySQL was
forked when Oracle bought up Sun... The fork is called MariaDB -- and is
supposed to be a drop in replacement for MySQL. That means that
applications built against the MySQL client library are supposed to be
able to use MariaDB without changes (that includes MySQLdb). MariaDB
does not have the InnoDB back-end as Oracle also bought up Inno -- but
it has a licensed work-alike for InnoDB, along with a few other
back-ends that MySQL doesn't support. Back-ends aren't a concern of the
API (you specify them as text qualifiers in the SQL that gets sent to
MySQL/MariaDB when creating a table).
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