Sunday, June 30, 2013

Re: data transfer between databases

mulianto and Avraham

Thanks for your suggestions. Dumping data isn't the entire problem -
which is this:

There will be an *ongoing* need to add new data from tables in one
database to the same-named tables in another database on a remote
machine. Two of the tables are in a m2m relationship.



On 30/06/2013 5:40pm, Mike Dewhirst wrote:
> This is probably a Postgres question but someone might be able to offer
> advice on how to transfer data :)
> New "reference" or read-only data gets input during development and I
> want to transfer it to the production database from time to time.
> I think my choices are:
> 1. Re-enter it manually - only if all else fails.
> 2. Use Django's multi-database feature and write a utility to transfer
> data which doesn't already exist. Except the databases are on different
> machines in different data centres.
> 3. Exploit some pre-existing tool written for precisely this problem.
> Any suggestions?
> There are currently three reference tables involved and two have m2m
> relationships between themselves. The other is stand-alone.
> Customer data is fine in the production database and won't be touched.
> There are no relationships with the reference tables.
> Thanks
> Mike

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