Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Recreation of foreign key constraints when changing type of referenced primary key


I have a question regarding Django version 3.2.12.

When I change the DEFAULT_AUTO_FIELD to BigAutoField and create&apply
migrations, the foreign keys of auto-generated through tables are dropped.
This can be observed by running sqlmigrate which drops foreign key relations
but never recreates them.

I noticed this is already fixed in Django 4.0.3 (Refs #32743 -- Fixed
recreation of foreign key constraints when alter… · django/django@3d9040a ·
GitHub 1) but not in 3.2.x branch.

Can I expect this commit will in time be applied to Django 3.2.x branch? I
would like to migrate to BigAutoField to be future-proof, but would prefer not
to write migrations by hand.


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