Thursday, September 30, 2010

contrib-admin in a multiuser environment is a bit scary

I've been having bad dreams about the ways in which contrib-admin can
eat your data when you have more than one administrator.

As a worst-case scenario imagine a model with some list_editable

Admin1 has the changelist open for a considerable length of time
Admin2 makes a load of changes
Admin1 makes one change and wipes all of Admin2's changes (at least
for the number of items specified in ModelAdmin.list_per_page which is
100 by default)

How do other people handle these issues? This must have bitten someone
severely by now?

There isn't much in Trac about this. I found:

At the very least there should be giant warnings in letters of flame
in the admin docs.

Has anyone looked into:

a) Optimistic locking for changelist and change forms
b) modifying list_editable to only save the instances that have

or anything similar?


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