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Re: integer array in django models

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> Which model field in django is used to represent an integer array in mysql ?

To my knowledge: NONE

So far as I recall, MySQL does not have an extended data type
"array". Neither do most normal relational database engines (the only
one I know that does have an array type is PostgreSQL, and that probably
goes back to the preSQL PostGres days).

Representation of an array is done by normalizing the data. Instead
of one table (relation)
ID, someDiscrete, {an, array, of, values}
you create two tables by normalization
ID, someDiscrete
ID, foreignID, optionalIndex, value
x, someDiscrete
m, x, 1, an
m+1, x, 2, array
m+3, x, 3, of
m+4, x, 4, values
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