Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Special SELECT and UPDATE for a field

i want to create a field class for geometry (not using geodjango).
here's the field code:

i want 2 things i can't seem to do:
1. I want the select to wrap the column with MySql AsText() Function
e.x. SELECT AsText(location) FROM addresses

2. I want to be able to save the value wrapped with a function e.x. GeomFromText('POINT(0.0 0.0)')
but is seems that django will wrap that function with quotes, and so mysql thinks its a string.

I found that in order to fix these, i will have to write an SQLCompiler, Query, QuerySet, QuerySetManager. (or modify the get_columns and get_default_columns methods of the SQLCompiler)
I am sure there is a simpler way.

What can I do?


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