Friday, May 31, 2013

Re: linux or windows

Django itself is completely platform agnostic. Years ago I used to develop on Windows, and typically where I would run into problems was trying to find binaries for third party libraries like PIL and psycopg2. They'd usually be available from somewhere or another, thanks to some kindhearted soul who managed to build them and shared the binaries online, just difficult to track down. Building from source is certainly possible, but setting up the correct toolchain for a successful build is a non-trivial endeavor. This may have improved in the last few years though, I couldn't say.

Also (and this isn't directly related), the awesome virtualenvwrapper, which is a core part of my workflow nowadays, is not available in Windows, Virtualenv itself does work on Windows though.

Personally, I think it is best to develop on a system as close to your production environment as possible. It's certainly possible to develop on Windows, and deploy to Linux (or vice-versa), but you increase your risk of encountering bugs that only occur on one platform, which can be difficult to troubleshoot.

On Friday, 31 May 2013 07:11:23 UTC-4, Kakar wrote:
I know this question is one absurd question, but just out of curiosity, is it important to use linux other than the windows, related to django. Cause i'm in windows, and if it is, then i was thinking to use Ubuntu. Please advise.

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