Monday, July 29, 2013 dumpdata for FieldFile serializes payload of file

Yesterday, I added a useful feature to django-filer, which allows to dump the payload of files together with their meta-data, when dumpdata > dumpfile.jsonA dumpfile which is reimported using loaddata dumpfile.json then restores the file on disk.

This simplifies backups and migrations of projects using django-filer to manage their media data, since an administrator does not require additional tools such as zip or tar. It also makes backups less error prone, since everything is contained in one single file.

More details here: and here:

Stefan Foulis, the maintainer of django-filer considered: "But I'd really prefer a solution that works with django-filer and any other FileFields in the project."

So my question is, if such an additional feature would be accepted on the main Django project, rather than only in an external app, such as django-filer.

- Jacob

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