Monday, March 24, 2014

Managing translations on a team project

We have finished translating our application into a second language, but are having trouble finding a good solution for keeping this up to date going forward. Currently we have just been sending the .po file to the translator, but as we hope to have the dual language support not be a "beta" thing, we need to find a more serious way to handle this.

We have about 12 developers spread around the world working full time on the project, which means that strings change rapidly and it's hard to keep up on what is needed for translations before the list gets rather long. Can anyone recommend blogs or tools that can help manage this problem? We would basically love some way to get a list of strings that are currently untranslated generated automatically so our translators can know what needs done.

We looked into using the django-rosetta project, but seems like it wouldn't work well with our deployment process.

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