Friday, April 29, 2016

Re: New to Django (stuck at the end of the tutorial)

I just did another try with a different version of Django which is same version of Django used in the book I am reading.
It turns out where the project(mysite) saved has no effect on it.  I think it's how Django suppose to behave.
Perhaps you are not working with the same version of Django as the tutorial??

The sense of achievement is great once the view function starts to working and progress are being made.
I hope you could figure out your problem soon.

Mie Rex於 2016年4月27日星期三 UTC-7下午7時02分56秒寫道:
I had a smiliar problem with another Django tutorial.

I was running Django with Anaconda environment and I took the advice from "Two Scoop Django" to have all projects stored in one directory and all the environment in another.  Therefore the project "mysite" was initialized and put in a folder, which was parallel to the environment folder.
I fixed all the problem by initializing the project inside the environment used for Django.

Took me 3 days to figure out what was the problem.
Hope you could figure out how to fix that soon.

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