Wednesday, May 31, 2017

value of checkbox aren't saved in the form

i am a beginner with Django. I don''t know what the problem with the value of checkbox. When i enter to the saved form the value of checkbox aren't save.The image is here . Please I need your help, I loose too much time on this.

This is my

class BacktestForm(forms.ModelForm):

period_start = forms.DateField( - datetime.timedelta(days=365+16), widget=forms.widgets.DateInput(format="%Y/%m/%d"), input_formats=["%Y/%m/%d"])
period_end = forms.DateField( - datetime.timedelta(days=16), widget=forms.widgets.DateInput(format="%Y/%m/%d"), input_formats=["%Y/%m/%d"])
        market = forms.MultipleChoiceField(required=False,widget=CheckboxSelectMultiple, choices=MARKET_CHOICES)
        sector = forms.MultipleChoiceField(required=False,widget=CheckboxSelectMultiple, choices= MEDIA_CHOICES)
class Meta:
model = Parameters

This is my

class Parameters(models.Model):

user = models.ForeignKey(User)
title = models.CharField('title', max_length=100, default='', blank=True, help_text='Use an indicative name, related to the chosen parameters')
type = models.CharField('forecast type', choices=FORECAST_TYPES, max_length=20, default="backtest")

#input characteristics
price_1_min = models.FloatField('1. Price, min', default=0.1, validators=[MinValueValidator(0.1), MaxValueValidator(20000)])

def get_backtest_url(self):
return reverse('saved_backtest', kwargs={'pk':})

The save function in

        if request.method == 'POST':
if form.is_valid():
if 'save' in request.POST:
obj = False)
obj.user = request.user
obj.type = "backtest", 'Saved!')
return redirect(obj.get_backtest_url())

The template for the saved form is :

 <div> {% if user.is_authenticated %}
{% if user.profile.is_active %}
                                     &nbsp; Saved from "Backtesting"
{% for param in user.parameters_set.all %}
{% if param.type == "backtest" %}
                                                         <table style="width:100%">
                                                           <th> Saved File </th>
                                                           <th> Created at </th>
                                                           <td> <a href='{{param.get_backtest_url}}'>{{param.title}}  </a> </td>
  <td> {{param.created_at}} </td>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

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