Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Database router with read replica

I'm hoping for some advice on how to utilize read replica databases with Django.  I searched the django-users archive but didn't find much discussion about this.  I also can't find many blog posts or discussion elsewhere.  Do people have experience or general advice on using read replicas with Django?

I am hoping to implement a database router that will intelligently use a read replica while maintaining consistency despite replica lag.  I have a couple things I'd like another opinion on:

First is handling replication lag.  Our read replica typically lags ~20ms behind master, so we want to route all queries that occur after a write within the same request to the master database.  I believe this can be accomplished using a thread local in the database router that is reset after each request using a middleware.  Does that seem like a reasonable approach?

Second is handling atomic blocks.  As far as I can tell, Django will not automatically route all queries within an atomic block to the same database, so this needs to be handled within the router.  Is connection.in_atomic_block a public API, or is there a better way to tell if we're within an atomic block?


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