Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Re: Limiting a SubQuery based on instance's OuterRef


Thank you for fast reply! I've tried to rewrite a query using RowNumber()...

inner_subquery = queryset.objects.filter(date__gte=today, day_type='working_day')
inner_subquery = inner_subquery.annotate(row_number=Window(expression=RowNumber(), order_by=F('number').asc()))
inner_subquery = inner_subquery.filter(pk=OuterRef('pk'))
inner_subquery = inner_subquery.values('row_number')[:1]

outer_subquery = queryset.objects.annotate(row_number=Subquery(inner_subquery))
outer_subquery = outer_subquery.filter(row_number=OuterRef('number'))
outer_subquery = outer_subquery.values('value')[:1]

queryset = queryset.annotate(result=Subquery(outer_subquery))

...but stumbled upon a following exception:

Expression contains mixed types. You must set output_field.

Am I doing something wrong?

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