Wednesday, November 23, 2022



Please can someone assist me on this question?  i'm  new to django 
i  am developing my first  website using Django and sublime text as editor. each time  my computer shutdown. i don't know how to resume back to the normal project page.

C:\User\Olabode\pycharmprojects> cd CodingWithMoses
C:\User\Olabode\pycharmprojects\ CodingWithMoses> scripts\activate
(CodingWithMoses) C:\User\Olabode\pycharmprojects\ CodingWithMoses> cd src
(CodingWithMoses) C:\User\Olabode\pycharmprojects\ CodingWithMoses\scr>

please help me out to resume back my project where i stop before shorting down


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