Sunday, January 15, 2023

Re: Good Django 4 books for beginners

On 16/01/23 08:29, Zdravko Georev wrote:
> Hi All,
> Could you please advise for Django book/books for really beginners?

I've had good results using these two books.

1. Django 4 by Example, by Antonio Melé. Very comprehensive, covers a
wide variety of topics. ISBN 978-1-80181-305-1

2. Django 4 for the Impatient, by Greg Lim and Daniel Correa. ISBN
978-1-80324-583-6. This one isn't as comprehensive but does get you up
and running more quickly.

I was able to get both books as ebooks through Packt Publishing's
website,, for US$5.00 each.

I should add that both books assume reader familiarity with Python
itself, with websites in general, and some SQL, though not a whole lot.
They only assume you're a beginner with Django.

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