Thursday, July 31, 2014

Anyone got Django working on Google App Engine? Seems there are inconsistent, incomplete and conflicting docs. Any advice appreciated....SOS

Is this the latest greatest docs for Django on Google AppEngine?

There seems to be another page high on a search:

With the first doc I was able to get a toy Django app running with the local devserver but that
page has scanty instructions for getting models and uploading to Google beyond that!?!?


(1) In various places it says to do " deploy" in order to deploy your app.
     The problem is that "deploy" isn't a normal Django switch for
      The docs insinuate you need to somehow use djangoappengine but there
        is no mention of how to magically tweak with djangoappengine
           so that the "deploy" switch appears suddenly.

(2) It isn't clear how to create models and use them.  I was getting errors
      about me not having permission to do this.

Any help greatly appreciated.



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