Tuesday, July 29, 2014

(ModelForm) confusion


What I have done:
There are four tables, from which I have generated ModelForms. Getting
the WorkerDetails from one side, adding the salary and attendance
things from the other side as the view says. If there is at least one
row added in WorkerDetail table, then it directly asks to add the
salary and attendance things. Everything is being added perfectly but
I have to add that "ForeignKey" thing in every form.

To design a page like this:

What I need to do to display forms like this and get the foreign key
attribute directly from the displayed list? Is what I have done right?
Is there some better approach to get this desired layout?

Required code:
models.py: http://pastie.org/9430952
: http://pastie.org/9430955
: http://pastie.org/9430962

Kamaljeet Kaur
I'm not what I'm compared to others, I'm what I'm compared to my yesterday.

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