Sunday, August 31, 2014

How create a custom permission for a model?

Hi, how are you?

I have the next question:

Good Nights, this is a question, not a issue.

I need have to user's types: a default admin in django, and a author.
Default admin have a aditional permission: can publish a news.
And for author user i have the next constrains:

  • Can't publish news.
    • Can't create other users
    • Can't create other topics or subtopics
    • Can create a new, but, only can edit or delete his own news, no other user's news.

I talked with other friend and he say me that i need per-objetcs permissions, but, i don't know how do this.

Can you help me?

Now i'm ussing django-permission, but i don't know how do a custom can_publish permission.

I wan't cread a custom view, no, i want used django's admin, news model have a boolean field, is_published, i want that if the user is Author, can modify this field, and if is admin, can modify this field, can anyone help me?

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