Sunday, August 31, 2014

Re: How can I create models which only required during tests in Django 1.7c1?

> Alex
Well as Yo-Yo Ma said, sometime the tests stand for testing django's inner working thus the real models are required.

> Yo-Yo Ma
I haven't tried but thanks for the solution :-)

On Wednesday, July 16, 2014 11:17:56 PM UTC+9, Alisue Lambda wrote:
Hi all. 

Well today I tried Django 1.7c1 with my program and found that the previous testing strategy seems not work.

I have several models which only required during tests. Before Django 1.7, I could create these kind of temporary models by defining these in `app/tests/` with `app_label` specification like this ( It was quite good strategy for me because I could reduce the dependency of the apps and make the app independent.

But now, it seems Django 1.7c1 cannot find this kind of definitions. I have to add `app.tests` in `INSTALLED_APPS` which was not required before Django 1.7c1.
However, if I add `app.tests` and `app2.tests`, I have to modify `label` of the `app2.tests` because there is already `app_label='tests'` in the registry. It is quite tough job while I have a lot of apps which follow this strategy to test the app.
Additionally, I don't really want to list `app.tests` in my `INSTALLED_APPS` while it is not actually app which required for the site.

So I wonder if there are any better way to define the temporary models. In summary, what I want to do is

1. I want to add temporary models which only required during tests
2. I don't want to mess the db with temporary models (except during tests)

Any idea? Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regard,

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