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Re: Django vs ExtJS

On Mon, 29 Dec 2014 06:55:57 -0800 (PST)
Joris Benschop <joris.benschop@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi List,
> I;m a data maangement specialist in a rather large multinational. I'm
> trying to push Django as a fast development framework for front-end
> applications of our databases. Currently the company is focusing on
> Sencha ExtJS and java solutions. Can you help me with pointers why
> Django is better? The free-as-in-beer argument is not very convincing
> by itself.

I'll give my late insight here. We're having rather large SPA's built
on top of ExtJS + Django and REST rather successfully.

Of course ExtJS and REST is really a joke - there is nothing that
really proper rest support in ExtJS, (no HATEOAS at all)

For a Django side REST tool we've been using DRF
(Django-Rest-Framework) which big gun for REST api.

Now why we picked Django over several others - We tried PHP, we
used Java for few web apps (and it's still in use). First reason was
the speed. We could implement features much faster with Python and
Django than we ever could do with Java (we did similiar apps with Java
as well but pace was definitely slower). Specially getting things
done within a reasonable time. Also lot of boilerplate code was
unnecessary. In Java we had really carefully plan every attribute and
getters and setters. Python makes lot of shortcuts there and it's much
more easier to do "magic". Though there lies a danger - you can write
Python code as Java (or even like C code) and that is not pretty

Another reason was level of complexity - even simplest Java app
(deployed on Tomcat) takes lot of efforts and "special" knowledge, not
to mention that you have to match versions you build with java versions
and complex configuration. Python is much more forgiving in those parts.

Of course we've ran a few issues on the road, like composite keys and
some "oo" features of Django ORM that were possible with Hibernate.

So current main setup in our development stack is Python (2.7), Django
(1.5), Oracle (10g and 11g), ExtJS (4.3), Dojotoolkit (1.6), OpenLayers
(2.x) and mapserver (6.x)


Jani Tiainen


Jani Tiainen

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