Sunday, May 31, 2015

Need some suggestions on picking up the best combination


I am working on a marketplace like project and currently am evaluating the possibilities of integration.

What I am looking for:
An e-commerce which also works well with a CMS
A phpBB style forum which also work well with other components and use same login.  forum can be simple.
Friendly to mobile app development

Here are the options that I think they may work and the questions:

Option a:
e-commerce: oscar
CMS: Django-CMS
Forum: pyBBM
payment system -- stripe  (django-stripe, does it work with oscar?)

Option b:
e-commerce: Cartridge
CMS: Mezzanine
Forum: pyBBM
payment system -- stripe  (django-stripe)

The Wagtail seems promising as a CMS but I could not find anything related to integrating with e-commerce/payment/forum etc.

Any comments on above options appreciated.  This would help me decide the right way to go since once we commit, we would need to stick to the decision for long time.  The project is a longterm project and could grow to become a large website.

Anyone know a live django based website which uses above three components? (i.e. e-commerce, CMS and forum)


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