Friday, July 31, 2015

Re: Introduction to Pulpo-Forms


Sounds cool! Do you have screenshots / demos to see before installing?
Kind regards,

quinta-feira, 30 de Julho de 2015 às 22:46:12 UTC+1, Luciano Ferrari escreveu:

Last April we finished the development of a dynamic form builder, called pulpo-forms, to use within a Django Project. Today we're excited to announce that we're making the source code available on GitHub.

Here is a short list with the most important features of this new open source tool:

  • Enable users to create forms with an easy drag&drop UI
  • Angular directives to render the form and the dashboard
  • Multi pages forms.
  • RESTful API
  • Customizable fields validations such as required, length,etc.
  • Conditional enable for fields based on other field values (e.g. in a food preferences survey, hide the 'How do you like your steak?' question to someone that previously answered that's a vegetarian).
  • Conditional enable for form pages based on other field values.
  • Versions and drafts.
  • Integration for Django models.
  • Signals.
  • Configurable actions – show a thank you screen, send an email, etc.
  • Built-in statistics in the dashboard
  • Basic field types answers can be filtered in the dashboard

Since it was made to be flexible from the beginning, this can be extended to add new fields, validations and so on.

We hope you enjoy it, and of coursed we are open to comments, questions and pull requests!

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