Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Re: How to filter choices in Django2's autocomplete_fields?

You need to override  ModelAdmin.get_search_results()  as per

My problem is I override ForeignKeyField in AdminForm, where I can filter based on self.instance, this is not possible in current implementation AFAICS? The instance ID would have to be passed to the autocomplete_view

On Monday, 8 January 2018 16:49:56 UTC, Oren wrote:

In Django 2.0, autocomplete_fields was added, which is great.

Without autocomplete_fields, I can change the queryset of a ForeignKeyField using formfield_for_foreignkey.

But combining the two together doesn't work - it looks like the list of options for autocomplete is dynamic and coming from a different url, instead of from the current form.

So the question is -

How can I change the queryset in the autocomplete widget?


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