Friday, August 31, 2018

System check Framework error checking Admin Fieldsets in 2.1

This Field set definition:

    fieldsets = (
('Job Work Sheet', {
'fields': (
('number', 'job_history', 'hw_customer',),
('status', 'contracted_out',),
('adn_parts_required', 'atn_required', 'atn_tech', 'cancel_job',),
('date_quoted', 'po_number', 'tag',),
('date_in', 'priority',),
('hw_description', 'hw_make', 'hw_model', 'hw_serial', ),
('technician', 'bin', ),
('assessment_time', 'hours_worked',),
('parts_cost', 'parts_shipping',),
('Hardware Details', {
'classes': ('grp-collapse grp-closed',),
'fields': (('hw_customer', 'hardware', ), ('hw_description', 'hw_make', 'hw_model', 'hw_serial',), ('hw_comments',),)
('Repair Details', {
'fields': (('work_done',), ('comments',),)

Gets no errors with Django 2.0.6, but with 2.1 I get:

(dj21py37) $ ./ check
SystemCheckError: System check identified some issues:

<class 'repair.admin.JobAdmin'>: (admin.E012) There are duplicate field(s) in 'fieldsets[1][1]'.
<class 'repair.admin.JobAdmin'>: (admin.E012) There are duplicate field(s) in 'fieldsets[2][1]'.

System check identified 2 issues (0 silenced).

I presume its complaining about the field 'hw_customer', but since it is in readonly_fields this should not be an error, correct?


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