Sunday, October 28, 2018

Re: Django to serve JSON: overkill?

Hi Charley,

You should not regret this choice.

Sometimes Django seems a bit overkill at the first glance. But most of the times, once the project has made some progress you'll quickly appreciate the fact it is like Python : batteries included. No need to hunt for external add-ons which will integrate more or less easily when it comes to take care of CORS, CSRF, sessions, I18N,... All is already here for free. I could verify this on a Flask based project : you're left alone when time comes for you to find the right LEGO blocks and make then fit together. Django creators have already made this for you, and they're very smart people.

And of course the default Django configuration can be optimized by removing middlewares and features you don't need to cut it down to the strict necessary. So, why bother ?



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Hi Eric,

Yes that helps a lot.
I have data models and related DB.
I'll go with Django.


Best regards,

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