Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Choosing MySQL or PostGres on Heroku

Using python 3.7.2, Django 2.1.5 on Linux development workstation with
deployment to Heroku.

I retired several ago, primarily coding in python and mostly working in
legacy CGI systems with MySQL backends and still use mysql on my

I am now essentially a hobbyist who wishes to use a django website to
publish articles, memoirs and essays.

Some have urged me to convert to PostGresql as it is "baked into"
heroku. However, my comfort level is with mysql.

Given my situation I'd welcome any reason why I should convert to
postgresgl. I am not interested in stirring up controversy. Should there
be a pressing reason to convert to PG I'd sooner do it now than when
I've a couple of hundred articles published.

Any insights would be appreciated.


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