Friday, November 29, 2019

Re: Update _id field before .save() for ForeignKey

I have an idea.
  1. `bulk_create` all companies.
  2. `Filter`(SELECT) all `Company` and make it dictionary for retrieving company pk fast.
    1. company_dict = {
        'Name': 'pk',
  3. Create a list of `CompanyValue` with company name and company_dict.
  4. `bulk_create` the list.

I'm not sure if it will work because I haven't implemented it, but I hope it helps. 

2019년 11월 29일 금요일 오후 9시 42분 0초 UTC+9, Maxim Bulatov 님의 말:

I have lot of lists like follow:
(Name1): (V1, V2, V3, V4, ..)

And I use many threads to create many db objects:
company = Company(Name)
for x in vector:
    v = CompanyValue(company=company, value=x)

class CompanyValue(models.Model):
    company = models.ForeignKey('Company', on_delete=models.CASCADE)
    value = FloatField

This pool of threads return all lists, what I combine, filter and want put to database in one bulk_create call.
Suddenly, I found, is not ready to be linked in CompanyValue, follow code does not works:
CompanyValue.objects.bulk_create(values)      # value.company_id is null here

No way to save objects in my threads, because I need to filter objects and can do it only when all of them are collected. Also, it has performance issues 100k+ of requests is slowly enough. I have two ways to resolve:
1. I can make intermediate class or tuple and create CompanyValue objects only when companies is saved to db. Hard to support, hard to filter, not so clean.
2. I can use dirty hack to update _id field:
    for v in values: =

Can you advice more ways for me? It seems, I don't know something from django features to make it elegant.
I see 11 years old issue here ( and it marked as intended behaviour.

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