Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Form does not import current data from data base

Dear community,
this looks like a django bug to me:
1. (see first image)
By api query I confirm that the last object of class List has the value "Startwert_neu2" in its field a, which was expected.
2. (see second image)
The form "MyForm1_2_3_4" is instantiated using exactly the same command ("List.objects.last().a") to build formchoices3 which enter the corresponding choicefield furtherdown in "MyForm1_2_3_4" (not shown in the image)
3. While running the app my print out (to find the problem) states, that formchoices3 does not contain the expected data "Startwert_neu2" but "mCP purity", which is old data from older objects. So the rendered Form also contains the old data.
To complete the information I also added snippets of views (fourth image) and models (fifth image).
Is this a known issue? 
Thanks in advance,

DB-Query.jpgForm.jpgprint out while running.jpgsnippet from views.jpgsnippet from models.jpg

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