Monday, January 30, 2012

Creating a hierarchy of objects in my


I am playing around with tastypie and i want to create a hierarchy of

What i currently have is this:

class keywordResource(ModelResource):
tweets = fields.ToManyField(timelineResource, 'tweets', full=True)
class Meta:
queryset = Keyword.objects.all()
resource_name = 'keyword'
excludes = ['id', 'keyword_id']
include_resource_uri = False

def alter_list_data_to_serialize(self, request, data_dict):
if isinstance(data_dict, dict):
if 'meta' in data_dict:
# Get rid of the "meta".
# Rename the objects.
data_dict['keyword'] = copy.copy(data_dict['objects'])
return data_dict

Can someone explain the relationship to me in creating such a

in the line tweets = fields.ToManyField(timelineResource, 'tweets',

it means that timelineResource is a child of Keyword right? and
"tweets" would be the column name in timeline table or just a generic

or must i map a matching column that appears in both tables (keyword,

Thank you

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