Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Re: Help using index view to render registration form from registration app

On Tue, 31 Jan 2012 07:43:53 -0800 (PST), richard
<pullenjenna10@gmail.com> wrote:

>to have my index view contain the registration form from django the
>registration app so when the user visits the index page the
>registration form is rendered there and when they submit the form it
>goes back to the index page if there are any form errors.
So ANYTIME anyone visits your root site (since that is what
"index.html" normally represents) they are going to have a registration
page inflicted upon them? What if they registered yesterday, shut down
their computer, and come back next week -- do they have to go through
your registration form again?

If your intent is that one must either be "logged in" before seeing
this "index page", then I'd think /any/ access that doesn't have a
"logged in" session cookie should redirect to a "log in" page -- and
this log-in page should have a link to a registration page for new users
to fill out (obviously both the "log in" and the registration pages must
NOT require a "logged in" cookie status).

Whether you return the "log in" page or the "index page" then
becomes a matter of having a valid session cookie in the request.

CAVEAT: this is my conceptual view; implementation is not in my purview
Wulfraed Dennis Lee Bieber AF6VN
wlfraed@ix.netcom.com HTTP://wlfraed.home.netcom.com/

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