Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Re: Question regarding ticket #17062

> If you don't want to use a custom version of Django, and can't wait
> for 1.4, you should be able to set the time zone for per database
> user. Connect to the database with your database user, and do this:
> ALTER USER "thedbuser" SET TIME ZONE 'wanted_zone'; -- where
> wanted_zone would be UTC for you.
> So, for example for me the above would look:
> ALTER USER "akaariai" SET TIME ZONE 'Europe/Helsinki';
> The per-user settings are a really nice feature. Many problems in
> PostgreSQL can be neatly solved by usage of the per-user settings.
> You can verity that the change took place by reconnecting (the per
> user settings are only changed on connect), and running:
> select current_setting('timezone');
> The effect of this is that the rollback will still reset you timezone,
> but as the default is UTC there is nothing to worry :) In fact, once
> 1.4 is out, it will no longer run SET TIME ZONE at all, as 1.4 is able
> to recognize that the time zone is already correct for the connection!

Thank you very much, that's perfect.

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