Monday, April 30, 2012

Django admin site display (None) even when values are non-null/empty

I have been trying a lot but could not make out why it happens,

class FortressUserAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):    
(. . . , get_my_schema)    
def get_my_schema(self, obj):
= "select prop_val from customer_property where customer_id = %d and property_value like '%%%%SCHEMA%%%%'" % obj.customer_id.customer_id    
= connection.cursor().execute(sql_query).fetch_one()        
print sql_query        
return 1
# return "aditya"
.short_description = 'Schema Instance'

  • why the column values are always (None)
  • why the print 1 or print 'aditya' won't print anything to the console

Screen shot of the column admin site: enter image description here

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