Monday, April 30, 2012

Re: buildout development vs. deployment

Excellent, thanks for sharing that blog post.

Are you using a file with buildout? Currently I am not using one. My buildout.cfg lists all the dependencies and I checkout my source code from a specific git revision. Afterwards I go into the source code folder and add local files (i.e. production ready Django settings file).

Am I right that using and running bin/ setup would create an egg of my source folder and the egg is created in the develop-eggs folder? Using this approach I wouldn't be able to do local modifications correct, as everything is bundled within a egg file. (Let me add that I am new to Django/Python deployment :)


On Wednesday, April 25, 2012 12:21:25 PM UTC+2, Reikje wrote:
Hi, I am looking into buildout to deploy a django webapp and all it's dependencies. I find it quite useful even during development because it forces you to keep track of your dependencies. A question regarding some best practices. Lets say I have buildout.cfg and in my project root and checked in into SCM. My webapp is listed under develop in buildout.cfg. While this is great, during deployment this is probably not what you want because you wanna lock the version of your source code. I want to do a git revision checkout to archive this. So i guess I need to maintain two different buildout.cfg files, one for development and one for deployment. How can this be organized to avoid DRY?

On a side note, what are the alternatives to buildout. Maybe there is something even better :)

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