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Re: django and oracle --

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> i hope someone here can help me. i have a problem with django e oracle.
> above the code with problem:

No code "above", but code is "below"...
> insert = """insert into modello (title, descrizione, url, prezzo,
> sconto) values (:title, :descrizione, :url,
> :prezzo, :sconto)"""
> try:
> self.c.execute(insert,{'title':item['title'],
> 'descrizione':item['descrizione'],
> 'url':item['url'],
> 'prezzo':['prezzo'], 'sconto':item['sconto']})
> when try this code the system report this error:
> ORA-01484:arrays can only be bound to PL/SQL statement
Nothing in this appears to be Django relevant; you are specifying
straight SQL, and using what appears to be an Oracle compliant DB-API
module. The error message looks to be pure Oracle (unless the Oracle
DB-API creates very odd exceptions).

The first thing I notice is that you are creating a temporary
dictionary of parameters to the SQL. The values of this dictionary are
coming from a dictionary -- "item" -- which just happens to use the very
same text strings as keys. So why bother with the temporary dictionary,
just pass:

self.c.execute(insert, item)

As for the Oracle error -- the only thing I can suggest is dumping
out the representation of "item" to see if some field has a value that
looks like an array to Oracle.
Wulfraed Dennis Lee Bieber AF6VN HTTP://

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