Monday, December 31, 2012

django_nose failing to discover tests

I am trying to get django_nose to discover tests in my project.  I watched this video which seems to indicate that my project/app/tests/ should be able to be empty (not contain a bunch of import * statements):

The goal is to have django_nose find my tests by name so I do not have to have import * from ... statements within my tests/ for every app.  My project is set up like this:


The file is empty.  The file contains an AccountTest class derived from unittest.TestCase.

When I run ./ test accounts (with an empty, the result is "Ran 0 tests in 0.000s"

Now, if I make accounts/tests/ contain the line from test_account import *, it works correctly; therefore, I believe I do have django_nose (version 1.1 and nose 1.2.1) installed and working.

I Googled all morning to solve the problem but have failed.  If you have any insight, please reply.  Thank you.

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