Monday, December 31, 2012

Multiple model inheritance

Hi all,

I would like to define multiple abstract base models with small set of
fields each. The "real" models inherit from multiple mixins to add the

For example:
class Taggable(?):
tag = models.CharField()
class Visible(?):
visible = models.BooleanField()
class SomeFullModel(?, Taggable, Visible):
otherfield = models.CharField()

With this use case:
* should the abstract models inherit from models.Model, or be a plain
Python class inheriting from object?
* should all or any of the abstract models have a class Meta with
* should the final real model inherit from models.Model (probably
required if all the mixins are plain classes), or inherit from the
first mixin that is an abstract model?
* does the order of the base classes in SomeFullModel matter?



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