Saturday, December 29, 2012

Re: Question about URL namespaces

I've never used this feature but I believe it was created so that for a single Django project, you could provide multiple administration apps. For example, you might have one for customers and one for back office staff that expose different models, have different permissions etc.

So to answer your question about what "application" means in this context, it means a Django application (e.g. django.contrib.admin).


On 29/12/2012, at 4:44 AM, "Dae James" <> wrote:

When I was reading django's URL document, I come across "URL namespaces".
The raw sentence is "When you need to deploy multiple instances of a single application, it can be helpful to be able to differentiate between instances."
I'm very confused here. What the application here refer to? Does it mean  models ? Or something else I don't know?
Thank you~~

Dae James

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