Saturday, December 29, 2012

Replicating same model for different deployed application.


I have following situation where. My model consist of say table1, table2, table3. 

I am going to "host" similar data and associated web interface for multiple customers -( customer1, customer2, customer3.) they would access these application as http://hostname/customer1 http://hostname/customer2 etc.

When customer1 application is deployed I want tables customer1_table1, customer1_table2, customer1_table3 to be created. Same for customer2, 3 etc.

Right now I am thinking of having one "template" directory where all database names are referred to as replaceme_table1, replaceme_table2 etc.

When I actually deploy application for real customer say customer1 I am copying this template to directory customer1 and running sed to  change 'replaceme' with 'customer1' 

Is there a better, elegant way to do this in django where you have same  model that needs to be deployed as multiple django applications?


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