Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Re: Error to customize a user

You don't have `has_perm` and `has_module_perms` methods defined in your user model while they are required:

Not sure if it would help coz traceback is not about them but you can at least try and watch if smth will change.

четверг, 1 мая 2014 г., 5:33:13 UTC+4 пользователь Lucas Simon Rodrigues Magalhaes написал:

I have a problem when rendering my admin after creating a custom user. 

I followed the tutorial of Django [1] documentation and also Subclass AbstractBaseUser section of the book Twoo Scoops of Django. 

The error is described in this gist [2] and the code is in this repository [3]. 
The strange thing is that I set the USERNAME_FIELD = 'email' field in the model 

[1] # django.contrib.auth.models.CustomUser 

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