Saturday, May 31, 2014

Re: Seems to be a bug in makemessages management command

On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 7:50 AM, Андрей Меньков
<> wrote:
> I thing the problem is in function django.utils.translation.templatize. It's
> implementation could be found in django.utils.translation.trans_real module.
> From docstring for it:
> Turns a Django template into something that is understood by xgettext. It
> does so by translating the Django translation tags into standard gettext
> function invocations.
> Function calling results:
>>> templatize(" {{ _('kfhdsajfkh') }} ")
>>> ('kfhdsajfkh')
>>> templatize(""" {{ _(''' abcdefg
> hhjkfhsdajfk
> fsdauyuirywer
> ''') }}
> """)
> So it can be seen that templatize function marks multiline strings as not
> needed to translate.

As Russ says, it's not clear to me if the _() template construct you
are using is from Django i18n or from Jinja.

Django template tags (including trans) aren't multi-line. There is a
ongoing discussion about this.

If you use the Django blocktrans template tag, multi-line literals are
perfectly suported by templatize():

In [1]: from django.utils.translation import templatize

In [2]: templatize("""{% blocktrans %}foo
{% endblocktrans %}""")
Out[2]: " gettext(u'foo\\nbar\\nbaz\\n') SSS\nSSS\nSSS\n"

In [3]:

Ramiro Morales

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