Thursday, January 29, 2015

Django web hosts in Canada

Hi All,

I would like to deploy my first Django website in the next month or so.  I am looking at deployment options, but need some clarification.

1) when id doesn't matter where the servers are

I understand that  in terms of PASS: heroku, AWS, and Google elastic beanstalk can all handle Django (python) and postres.

If I want to host on a 'normal' hosting service, which would be available? greengeeks just told me that they support Python but not Django, which confused me because I thought Django was fully written in Python, so I am clearly not understanding the complexities of deploying.  Also, they only use MYSQL databases, I wrote my first app using Postgres/POSTGIS as the database.

2) when I need servers in Canada

Due to privacy concerns, I may need to use servers that are exclusively in Canada.  I cannot seem to find any options on how to host Python/Django and postres on Canadian servers.  Does anyone have any pointers on that?

Any advice would be appreciated, as this will be my first run at deploying.

I have been through the heroku example, and it seems nice and easy to deploy and I can use Django and they use postgres.  


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