Friday, January 30, 2015

Re: Do Signals block Django process?

Thanks for always answering my questions :)

I did read the documentation on uWSGI and I think I have an understanding now of workers and threads (from Webserver or uWSGI) and how it handles multiple users.

For the signals and badge calculation, I did see celery pop up a couple of times and I did briefly look at their documentation. In theory I don't need this though because when the user submits a form, I want to check for achievements before showing him the results page. If I use celery then it might happen that the new view is rendered while the achievements are still being processed. Maybe I will have to go this route at some point but then I face two new problems (one of which I already have):
a) I need to figure out how to get the request that won a badge in order to send him a message (for this I opened an extra thread)
b) I would need to modify his current view, something like using Websocket. I did a quick google search in the past and apparently using websocket and django is not so easy. So if I can avoid it, I'm happy.

If I know that the signals are processed in sync, and before the new view is rendered, then I can just have the code after the signal check if a badge has been awarded and then render the view. Phew, still quite complicated.

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