Wednesday, August 31, 2016

cache.get_or_set : function name is misleading


I wanted to refactor my code using cache.get_or_set instead of using
cache.get and then check for None and so on

However, after a few tests, it seems that get_or_set does not work as
its name suggests: it is more get_or_add than get_or_set

Looking at the source code, it indeed does a get, then a add, not a set.

To my mind, the function name is misleading, even if after a careful
reading of the doc, it explains that the value is added (not set) if not
in the cache.

I haven't found anything about this, so i may be the only one astonished
by the difference between function name and function main behaviour.
However, i think it's useful to live a comment about this for other devs.



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