Monday, September 26, 2016

django-admin commands, diango 1.10 with python 2 & python 3 on windows installed


I am using django 1.10.1 with the following configuration:

- windows 7 64bit
- python 2.7.12 32 bit

Now I am switching to python 3 so I installed additionally
python 3.5.2 64 bit.

I still need to keep python 2 because I have
also trac ( with mercurial
( installed both still needing python2.

Now my question:

The windows PATH env variable contains python35 and python/scrips

With python 2.7 allone I could call on the console django
admin-commands like:

>> showmigrations
or simply
to see all commands

Now woth both pythons installed
shows me all commands

But if I try to execute one command like

>> showmigrations

it does ... nothing, no error ... nothing.

If I call python like

>> python

on the command line the python 3.5.2 shell starts

The only way to make the django-admin commands work
is to call them like this:

>> py -3 showmigrations

Now it works.
( of course prepending the full python exe path works too
>> c:\python35\python showmigrations )

Does somebody know the trick to use python 3.5 without the
need to use "py -3"?

Or is a simultanuously installation of python 2 and python 3 on windows
a no-go?

Thanks for a hint


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