Friday, September 30, 2016

Upgrading a django 1.2 Alpha site to 1.10 final site, passwords don't work

Hello All,

I'm new to django and python.  A project that was last maintained in 2009 was bestowed upon me because the underlying OS is approaching end-of-life.

I've read the first few chapters the Django book and the first 10 chapters of Django Unleashed.  I've got the project and supporting libraries brought up to the python 3.5.0 and django 1.10.
My current hurdle is the user's passwords are stored using SHA1 hashing.  I ***think*** django 1.10 no longer supports the sha1 hashing algorithm. 

Is there a way to allow the users to login (using SHA1 to validate the password) and then force them to change their passwords (storing them using new hash)? 

Best Regards,

Evan R.

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