Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Re: [Help] Advanced tutorial: How to install my Python package with Virtualenv

Hello ke1g and gary719_list1,

Thank you for your time.

I am using windows and the cmd terminal. I do not know what you mean by activate the virtual env. I created one virtual enviroment called 'poll-tutorial' and used the command 'workon poll-tutorial' to work on this enviroment.

I think you didn't understand my doubt. I think I was not very clear. The thing is:

I followed this tutorial: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.10/intro/reusable-apps/

At the 'Using your own package' step, there is a choice:  install django-polls as a user library or with virtualenv

The tutorial does not explain how to install with virtualenv, so I am trying to figure it out.

I saw on a blog post that I should use the pip command as installing a user library but whitout the '--user':

pip install django-polls/dist/django-polls-0.1.tar.gz

But did not work, it can not find the file.

I think I am using this command at the wrong directory.

So, suppose that I am at 'mysite' directory, working on the 'poll-tutorial' virtual environment. What would be the correct pip command to install my package that is inside the folder django-polls/dist outside of my project directory?

I think my problem maybe is just about localization of the files. I am little bit lost.

Em terça-feira, 27 de setembro de 2016 08:21:54 UTC-3, Aline C. R. Souza escreveu:
Hello Guys,

I need some help to install my Python package with virtualenv. I follow the 'Advanced tutorial: How to write reusable apps' and moved the polls directory out of the project. Now I want to install my package using virtualenv and pip, but I don't know how.

Consider I am inside of my project diretory (where the manage.py is) and I am working on a virtual environment. What would be the right pip command to install my package, considering that the polls directory is out of the project.

Please help!

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