Sunday, December 31, 2017

Re: 404 for some matching urls too (Version 2)

Thanks for the support and responses.

The error was due to an interesting line of code. 

I had a middleware where I used:

match = resolve(request.get_full_path()) and this was causing the error I mentioned.(get_full_path returns the query string too.)

I replaced it with

match = resolve(request.path_info)

and it is now working fine. Something to do with internal working? Any simple explanation for my curiosity will be welcome. 

Thanks everybody.

On Friday, December 29, 2017 at 5:39:15 PM UTC+5:30, Sundararajan Seshadri wrote:
I do not know the mistake I am likely to be committing. In Django Version 2, I have a feeling that URL matching fails whenever there are query variables. 

When I try to log into Admin module, the login screen comes. But when a 'next' query variable is attached, I get a 404. Similarly when I try to jump to a page in the records listing, I get 404. (Color has been added for highlighting)

Using the URLconf defined in sundar.urls, Django tried these URL patterns, in this order:

admin/ [name='index']
admin/ login/ [name='login']
admin/ logout/ [name='logout']
admin/ password_change/ [name='password_change']
admin/ password_change/done/ [name='password_change_done']
admin/ jsi18n/ [name='jsi18n']
admin/ r/<int:content_type_id>/<path:object_id>/ [name='view_on_site']
...... (corresponds to the tables defined)
admin/ ^(?P<app_label>rsi|auth)/$ [name='app_list']
login/ [name='login']
logout/ [name='logout']
authissue [name='authissue']

The current path, admin/login/?next=/admin/, didn't match any of these.

Any help is appreciated.

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