Monday, December 25, 2017

Re: Using Select2 autocomplete with Django project does not work while fetching the data

On Monday, December 25, 2017 at 8:51:46 PM UTC+6, Sajid Samsad wrote:

In my Django project, I have a Search field. I used Select2 autocomplete with it. I needed to fetch the product_list from my Product model. So I created a rest API that returns the product in json formats.

Here is my rest API code:

class ProductSerializer(serializers.ModelSerializer):      class Meta:          model = ProductList          fields = ('product_id', 'product_name', 'product_image', 'product_available',                    'product_description')

class JSONResponse(HttpResponse):      def __init__(self, data, **kwargs):          content = JSONRenderer().render(data)          kwargs['content_type'] = 'application/json'          super(JSONResponse, self).__init__(content, **kwargs)      def list(request):      if request.method == 'GET':          products = ProductList.objects.filter(product_name__icontains=request.GET.get('q'))          serializer = ProductSerializer(products, many=True)          serializer_data =          customData = {'results': serializer_data}          return JSONResponse(customData)

Now in my html, in the javascript portion I used this code mentioned in this Select2 doc. The code I used, looks like this:


<script type="text/javascript">          $(document).ready(function() {              $('.js-data-example-ajax').select2({                  ajax: {                      url: "/",                      dataType: 'json',                      delay: 250,                      type: 'GET',                      data: function (params) {                          return{                              q: params.term, // search term                              page:                          };                      },                      processResults: function (data, params) {                 = || 1;                            return {                              results: data.results,                          };                      },                      cache: true                  },                  placeholder: 'Search for a product',                  escapeMarkup: function (markup) { return markup; }, // let our custom formatter work                  minimumInputLength: 1,                  templateResult: formatRepo,                  templateSelection: formatRepoSelection              });              function formatRepo (repo) {                  if (repo.loading) {                      return repo.text;                  }                    var markup = "<div class='select2-result-repository clearfix'>" +  {#                    "<div class='select2-result-repository__avatar'><img src='" + repo.owner.avatar_url + "' /></div>" +#}                      "<div class='select2-result-repository__meta'>" +                      "<div class='select2-result-repository__title'>" + repo.product_name + "</div>";                    if (repo.product_description) {                      markup += "<div class='select2-result-repository__description'>" + repo.product_description + "</div>";                  }                    return markup;              }                function formatRepoSelection (repo) {                  return repo.product_name || repo.text;              }          });      </script>

When I used Postman to check if the rest API works or not, it worked perfectly. For my query in the Postman like these:






The retrieved json data is given below for query localhost:8000/ :

{       "results":[          {             "product_id":9,           "product_name":"thomas",           "product_image":"/media/media/tom_dushtu.jpg",           "product_available":"available",           "product_description":"jah dushtu"        },        {             "product_id":8,           "product_name":"ami dissapointed",           "product_image":"/media/media/dissapointment.jpg",           "product_available":"available",           "product_description":"I ma kinda dissapointed, you know.................."        }     ]  }

Now with all those, I couldn't make it work. The autocomplete is not working. Nothing is shown when I press one key or write the name of the whole product.

Here is an image. It always has shown Searching.... I tried reading the issues on the Github repo and some other things but couldn't solve it.

What am I doing wrong?

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