Friday, December 22, 2017

Re: Search results in template

<blogpost start>  <article class="blogpost">  	<header>  		{% for object in object_list %}  		<h2><ahref="{{ object.get_absolute_url }}">{{ object.title }}</a></h2>  			<div class="post-info">  				<span class="post-date">  					<i class="icon-calendar"></i>  						<span class="day">{{object.chron_date}}</span>  							<span class="month">{{object.clock}} </span>  	</span>  <span class="submitted"><i class="icon-user-1"></i> by <a href="#"></a></span>  <span class="comments"><i class="icon-chat"></i> <a href="#">22 comments</a></span>  									</div>  	</header>  		<div class="blogpost-content">  			{{ object.content|truncatewords:30 }}</div>  				<footer class="clearfix">  					<div class="tags pull-left"><i class="icon-tags"></i> <a href="#">tag 1</a>, <a href="#">tag 2</a>, <a href="#">long tag 3</a></div>  	<div class="link pull-right"><i class="icon-link"></i><a href="{{ object.get_absolute_url }}">Read More</a></div>  				</footer>  </article>  		<!-- blogpost end-->  		{% endfor %}    Any assistance in getting the search results to show up greatly appreciated.  --

There is still an issue with the HTML from what I can see, your {% for %} loop starts within an <article> tag, but the </article> tag is within the {% for %} loop, so you are trying to create multiple article entries, but only the first has an opening <article> tag. Not sure how/if that affects the display of the results.

The point from my previous goof still stands, do your results show within the rendered page HTML, but just aren't being displayed?


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