Wednesday, February 1, 2023

TabularInlineAdmin queries waaaaaayyyyyy too much.

I have an admin with 1 row in the tabular inline.  I have a custom queryset in

class ExtensionTabularInlineFormSet(BaseInlineFormSet):
    def get_queryset(self) -> QuerySet[Extension]:
        qs = super().get_queryset()

This gets called 20 times to display that one row.  When you have more rows, it gets called 20 times/row.

The culprit is calls to this method:
def initial_form_count(self):
    """Return the number of forms that are required in this FormSet."""
    if not self.is_bound:
        return len(self.get_queryset())
    return super().initial_form_count()

The solution would be to cache this value, but admin views seem like singletons way too often for this to work.  Anyone else seen this?

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